Social Media Headaches? Tips for people who work in social media. 


Limit Screen Time After Hours.
We know what you’re thinking: “but how will I stay up to date with the latest trends?” They’ll still be around during your shift tomorrow, we promise. Spend time focusing on being present in your evenings. Cook a meal, take a walk, maybe work out? Get out of the habit of just transferring your attention from one screen to another. 

When you’re at work, focus on just your page.

It’s super easy to get caught up in the day’s news. “Did you hear X celebrity said this?” or “10 today might be the worst day in human history yet” seem to dominate our timelines. There’s a reason for that: they get engagement. Focusing on your page’s community is a necessary trait to have if you work in social media. Find your own organizational goals and execute them. 

“Automate” your social media. 

No, we’re not talking about AI or anything like that. When we say automate, we mean find things you can do weekly or monthly. Looking for content consistently is an absolute headache, even more so if you work in a niche that is more difficult to find content for. For example, maybe every Tuesday is a staff or customer spotlight and you might post something more light-hearted and humor-based every Friday. If you don’t have a social media calendar, now is your time to get on that. 

Build an internal workflow to get content from staff. 

Does your company have a “Submit A Story” process? If they don’t, start looking into how you can. Whether that’s just a reminder email to send you about any neat stories happening within the company/community, or a whole internal intranet that allows for the submission of photos and documents, this can provide you with tons of additional stories. 

Slow down.

You don’t need to post three times a day. Unless you’re trying to massively scale, finding a steady rhythm that works best for you and your organization is a great way to maintain a meaningful and authentic online presence. Focus on engagement, not reach. Most people are looking to see if you post, not how many times you post a day. 

Contract out.

There are plenty of great organizations out there that can help produce content in bulk or even help manage your social media platforms. (PS: we’re one of them.)