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Hey, Connor again. I’m the guy who was at the bottom of the home page.

 In my years as a videographer, photographer, and editor I was honored to win an Emmy as a result of the work I was doing with my team at the time. 

Winning an Emmy is no small feat, and it is a testament to the skills and hard work of the entire team at Chronicle Creative. The company is clearly focused on creating powerful and effective videos, whether for television or other mediums. 

In whatever we do here at Chronicle Creative, we promise to bring the same level of care that we brought to the stories that helped us win this award. 

with you from start to finish.



First, we want to get to know who you are. We can’t tell your story without understanding you and the goals your organization has. 



Now that we’ve figured out what problems you want to solve, we storyboard it out. We design a project that we know will work for you. 



If it’s video production, we’ll schedule the shoot. If it’s graphic design, we’ll start the brand-research. Whatever it is, we’ll get everything set to go. 



This is the fun part for us.



We’ll work with you to make sure your product looks like how we envisioned it. 



We can work with you to help make sure your content makes the maximum impact it can. 

Connor Dunwoodie


Based in Columbus, OH. Connor has always loved telling a good story. Connor grew up in Ohio and playing with cameras just came naturally to him. He’s a former anchor and reporter turned small business owner. When he’s not designing websites, building logos, or putting together commercials, he’s enjoying bike riding, hiking, and spending time away from a screen. 

Connor is passionate about not just shooting videos, but making meaningful content – and making it accessible to all.

Connor Dunwoodie chronicle creative
nick Oliver chronicle creative

Nick Oliver

Kentucky Operations

Based in Morehead, KY. Nick spent several years as a reporter and anchor where he found a love for storytelling. Nick grew up in Kentucky and has always found a love for sharing his skills with the people around him. Nick’s not one to brag, but he’s a disc golf pro and avid outdoorsman. 

Nick is motivated by telling powerful stories though video, photo and more. 

why choose us?

While telling a story is important, we want to make sure your story also makes the impact you know it has. We’re focused creating standout media that will solve the problems you have. 

It can be a hassle finding a graphic designer, a videographer, a licensed drone pilot… You get the point. Our team has you covered on nearly all facets of the creative realm. 

Like we mentioned above, we work with you from start to finish to really make sure your story is told how you want it. 

Projects don’t end when we deliver a video. We want to work with you step by step to make sure we’re helping your business or organization grow over time. 

With over a decade of storytelling experience, we know a thing or two. Your business is not something we take lightly.