What We Would Love to See Happen in 2023


There’s a lot of noise about 2023: a deepening recession, global conflict escalations, debt, and the list goes on and on. We decided to put together a list of things in the creative space we’re excited about and hope will happen in the new year. 

Artificial intelligence and the creative community join forces.

We’ve already seen platforms like Adobe Photoshop showcase just how AI can be used in the creative space. With the seemingly exponential growth in the development of AI (and the amount of Venture Capital it’s attracting), it seems that AI is here to stay. Blockchain might have been the buzzword in 2020 and early ‘21, but now it’s AI. 

After a tumultuous start, the relationship between AI and those in the creative industry could be a really beautiful thing. It’s important to note that artificial intelligence isn’t the “end of the creative world,” as some would say. Instead, it’ll become an incredible digital assistant for many small creative firms and solopreneurs. The same apps like Elementor didn’t kill coding and coders, you’ll still need people who know design principles. From mock-ups to photo corrections, AI will play a role in freeing up those in the creative industry and allow creatives to work on more meaningful projects while easing up their more mundane workload. 

A focus on media literacy

We can dream, right? There’s an alarming number of people who can’t spot the difference between a real photo and a doctored photo. A study from 2018 showed 82 percent of middle school students couldn’t tell the difference between sponsored articles and genuine news stories. In a time where it seems like news comes at us from all angles. There is a growing need for media literacy. Schools and local governments are starting to see the need too, in New Jersey a bipartisan bill was passed in November to require schools to teach media literacy. 

We’ve seen the impact of influence campaigns on individuals and governments, where bad actors create and post misinformation and disinformation online in hopes of heightening tension and division among different groups. Media literacy is one of the strongest ways to fight disinformation online – let’s embrace it in 2023. 

The growth of the New Knowledge Industry and how businesses learn to create

How do you gain a following on social media in 2023? You provide value. We’ve already seen YouTube channels like The Futur and Envato Tuts+ soar with subscribers because they provide value. Whether it’s a podcast, a YouTube channel, or maybe even a TikTok page, people who share valuable knowledge about their industry will see a lot of social growth in their niche. 

Employees and employers learn the value of work-life balance. 

We’ve seen massive layoffs in 2022, with the tech world seemingly hit the hardest. Nearly 100,000 people across the tech world have lost their jobs, and many companies have slowed down hiring. This means there will be a lot of overflow talent – and not all of it will stay in the tech space, that talent will look for places that have the work-life balance they may have become accustomed to. COVID-19 taught us that many of us can do our jobs remotely, or at least with a hybrid model, which has already given companies who can hire remotely a lead in talent. The next best thing? Be a company that promotes one thing: balance. You’ve heard the saying: work hard, play hard. 

What do you think? What are you most excited about in 2023?