Working with MIXT Energy opened our eyes to how competitive the energy drink space is.

With MIXT, their brand stands out: the design of their containers is black and gray with a bright color, so we worked to build ad elements that would reflect that.

MIXT Energy’s target audience is gaming and eSports, an area they had a presence in and wanted to build on.

From the colorful tech glitches in the video to the gaming button elements in the images we think these images fit the target market well.

These images were used on social media and targeted to their market audience.


Here are some examples of the headshots we also took for MIXT solutions, another MIXT company. We wanted to highlight the warehouse since it is such a crucial element of their business. 

"These are awesome! I think they blend perfectly with our current vibe. "
Alex Johnson
Founding Partner, MIXT Solutions

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